What are the benefits of mobile vs. traditional grooming?

The most practical benefit is one-on-one attention. Your dog will not spend any time in a drying cage, or in any cage for that matter. Most of your fur-baby’s day at a traditional groomer will be spent in isolation in a cage, but Big ‘n Little provides the attention necessary to make this process as quick as possible, reducing the stress on your pet.

Do I need to be home for the grooming?

Yes and No. First time appointments are scheduled with the owner to ensure completed paperwork. After our initial meeting, if you are comfortable, we can come to your house and provide a latchkey service. There is no service more convenient than scheduling your follow-up with us online, and then coming home to your clean and beautiful pupper.

Is my pet going to overheat in the vehicle in this Texas heat?

No! Our state-of-the-art grooming vehicle is fully climate controlled and even has on demand hot or cold water to help make your doggo more comfortable. We even use a sky blue ceiling to give your pet the feeling of being outside!

How often should I schedule service?

Your family pet should get a visit from the Paw Spaw once every 4-6 weeks. This will ensure the skin and coat remain in peak condition and reduce the risk of costly upkeep like de-shedding and de-matting. Also, veterinarians recommend cleaning the skin and coat up to once a week for animals with skin or coat conditions, so you are not overdoing anything.

Will you use my choice of shampoo/cleaning products?

In most cases, the answer is yes. We will check to determine the product safety and recommendation for use on your pet. If the product is deemed appropriate, we will be happy to use it. Some customers prefer the scent of one product over another, and we are happy to accommodate your tastes.

Do you offer products beyond the traditional groomer?

Yes, we do! We believe in letting your pet express on the outside what their personality shows. For some this can mean colorful toenails, custom cuts, or even custom coat coloring! If you would like to see it for your little friend, Big ‘n Little can make it happen!